This is us.

Hi, I'm Jules.
Jules. Taco eater, ADK camper, dad dancer.
I care deeply about the way your story is captured, because I know that someday we will all be older, looking back on these sweet moments with only photos to hold our memories in a tactile way. I'm photographing with your future in mind.

This is my little family. You can catch us chilling on the couch on any given Monday night, smooshing kisses on Whiskey's face + adding Bachelor contestants to our fantasy teams.

This is why I photograph.

This photo is why I photograph your story with your future in mind.

Some of my earliest memories involved staring at it from an inch away, wondering who these people were who I knew must be my parents, but who also looked like royalty in my young mind.

I want your photos to feel like you, effortless and timelessly, because I know these will be memories + pieces of your story one day soon.


I genuinely adore my couples, and feel so privileged to be allowed into so many precious moments. My goal is to make your life easy, to be a dress-fluffing master, an extra bridesmaid, and a steady presence on your wedding.