You've got questions, I've got answers.
Q: Me and my person are awkward when it comes to pictures. Will you still be able to get cute/fun/dreamy photos of us?

A: Here's the deal. My goal is to make you so comfortable that you forget that I'm third wheelin' you. I'm silly, full of stupid jokes, and completely comfortable with your shoot- even if you aren't feeling that way at first.

Almost everyone feels awkward during a photo shoot (even me)! My photos are of real people being really in love with their people, and comfortable enough to show that. Not only will I help you get that comfortable + relaxed, I won't leave you standing there wondering what to do. I'll be helping you out, giving prompts and pointers to help us get the best possible photos.

Trust me, I've got your back. When I'm photographing you two, there really is no such thing as "too awkward".

How does this whole process of booking work?

Step one! You've looked through my site, enjoyed some of the blogged real weddings, and feel like this might be the real deal. Get in touch with me through the contact form!


Next- let's get talking! Expect lightning fast responses from me- I'm so stinkin' excited to hear from you and to start brainstorming how we can capture your day in the most beautiful, fun + timeless way possible.


Now, LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL! Once we've talked and you're ready to trust your gut + seal the deal, a signed contract and your deposit of $1,500 locks your date in.


Once you've booked me, you two become MY PEOPLE. Expect notes and happy mail throughout your planning process. I'm always here for you two as an opinion on timing, someone to happy dance when you send over pics of your gorgeous wedding attire, and a friend to vent to throughout this process.



9 months - 3 months before your wedding- let's get those engagement photos taken! This will be an amazing time for us to get to know each other, laugh our butts off, and practice for your wedding day!


One month out, I'll send over a detailed questionnaire. This list will help you fill me in on any + all last minute details, as well as building family photo lists + defining the timeline.
After this is in, we will plan a time to FaceTime and go over these details + make sure I have everything I need to beautifully capture your wedding.



It's your wedding day- let's get you married! Since we've prepared so much ahead of time, all you need to do is show up + trust that your photos will be gorgeously captured.


Your wedding gallery will arrive in your inbox on your one month wedding anniversary. Grab a glass of wine, put on some special music, and relive your wedding day.

You'll get a beautiful gallery in your inbox, and you will be able to view your wedding photos, share with friends and family, and download high-resolution photos for free!


Q: How do we get our photos?

A: The online gallery that I'll send you includes all of your photos in an easily accessible format, including free high-resolution downloads of those photos, with print /download /sharing rights. There is also an online shop so that you can order albums or prints directly from your computer!

Do you have insurance?
Yes! I maintain a minimum of $1 million in general liability insurance and can provide a copy of the policy to your venue if required.
How much experience do you have?
Having shot more than 50 weddings in my past 3 years as a wedding photographer, I've seen much of what wedding days can throw at you. I've seen all types of weather, difficult lighting situations, and emotions that come up on a wedding day. I'm a steady presence no matter what unforeseen factors are happening. We're getting you those gorgeous photos, no matter what.
Can we see a full gallery of a recent wedding you've shot?
Of course! I love showing full galleries so that you can really get a feel for the way I tell the full wedding story. I'll send one or two right over!

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: I shoot in a photojournalistic, candid (aka moment seeking) style when it comes to most of your day. Capturing fleeting moments that will mean so much to someone later is extremely important to me as I photograph your celebration.
With that photojournalistic, timeless flavor, I also like to throw in a little spice- when it comes to portrait time, I'll help you feel like Beyonce mixed with Meghan Markle- timeless, elegant, hot as hellll and SUPER confident.

This means I'll be helpful and involved, watching for those flattering angles, directing you two to show off those fine wedding clothes, and giving you prompts to make you comfortable. No one wants to stand there feeling awkward, and with me you won't.
Q: Do you work off a shot list?
A: Nope! Since my style of photography relies so heavily on on the way that I can pay attention to the details of your day, a shot list for the day would be distracting.

However, I will help you build your family photo shot list as the wedding day approaches!
Q: How do we book our date?

A: A signed contract and your deposit of $1,500 secures your date.