6 Reasons to Consider an Adventure Session


If you’re the person who’s always dreamed of eloping but can’t quite make it happen – this might be for you.

Adventure sessions are exactly what they sound like. A chance for you and your person to adventure somewhere new, getting unique + gorgeous photos in the process. Some people choose to fly to a new country, pack their wedding gown up with them + get the elopement style photos of their dreams. Some choose to do this type of shoot on their honeymoon, unable to skip a traditional wedding because they’d miss celebrating with their family and friends too much. Others do this as an engagement session, wearing clothes that make them feel amazing and laughing and twirling in Yosemite or Iceland. Whatever the case, these shoots are a crazy fun way to get photos in an epic location, while not missing out on the fun + crazy planning that goes into a normal wedding.

Here are 5 reasons that an adventure session is PERFECT for you and your love.

  1. You’re adventurers at heart, but your wedding doesn’t really reflect that.

Whether your definition of adventure is eating your way through Italy or you spend the weekends hiking wherever you can find a path- you feel most alive while experiencing something new and exciting, but your wedding is going to look a little bit more traditional than your heart.

An adventure session is perfect for you two. Choose a location, pack your most you clothes and let’s capture you two doing what you do best- experiencing something completely unique and exciting – together.

This is perfect for an engagement session, bridal session (where you wear wedding clothes), or a just-because session. It’s about showing who you really are.

2. You’ve always dreamt of eloping, but with family expectations and all those second cousins, you just can’t swing it without disappointing someone.

I have so much respect for people who just do exactly what’s in their heart as far as eloping- but it isn’t feasible for every couple. An adventure session is a great backup option.

Here’s the thing about an adventure session- it’s exactly what you want it to be. Every detail, from the location to the clothes to the only other person who needs to be there (the photog)– every single decision is yours. You two can get dressed together or do a first look. You can bring your vows to read to each other quietly or pop a champagne bottle and celebrate loud.


This is your chance to create your dream elopement while still keeping everyone that you love happy. Win-win. Bring your wedding vows + have your own kind of celebration.

3. There’s a place out there that’s super special + important to you, but it’s not the kind of place you can throw a wedding.

My friend grew up loving the Adirondack mountains. They’re a place that she visited every summer, the smell and trees still bringing a wave of nostalgia, and it was the perfect place to get married. The problem is that the ADK doesn’t have many places to bring the 150+ people that wanted to celebrate with her that would still keep the intimate, woodsy feel of the place she loves.

The perfect solution? Though there was no ADK wedding, there was a sunrise portrait session in her wedding finery, just her and her love, reading their vows and dancing on a high peak while the wind whipped their hair into eyes and the dress flew like crazy.

An adventure session let her enjoy the splendor of her favorite place, her favorite person, and their favorite promises to each other.

4. You two got married already, and you’re ready to get new photos with your love- ones that showcase your adventurous + fun loving relationship. 

Maybe you didn’t plan the wedding of your dreams because of budget, or maybe you got married before eloping was even something different than City Hall, and now you wish you could redo it and plan it again.

This type of session is perfect for you. Buy a dress that fits your wildest dreams (maybe it’s bright yellow, or not even a dress at all!). Then– climb a mountain or adventure to the beach in a different country (or even right next door), and re-promise your vows with only your person there.

Dance together to your first dance song, or a song that’s even more significant now. Enjoy time celebrating each other and your relationship all over again, and document it with an adventure session.

5. Your honeymoon is somewhere crazy unique and gorgeous.

So you’re going to St. John?! Beach shoot.

Iceland? Get yourself up near a waterfall.

If you’re already going somewhere breath-taking and perfect for the two of you, you might as well have stunning, professional photos to remind you of it. Pack clothes that make you feel amazing (wedding clothes or something else that you love- it’s all up to you!) and have the best day-date adventuring around your honeymoon destination and getting gorgeous photos.

6. You two love traveling together, and you want photos to celebrate that part of you.

If traveling is an important part of who you are, there should be photos that commemorate that part of your relationship.

I see people so often who get engaged in a National Park or who travel together throughout their whole relationship– but you’d never guess it from their wedding photos.

Though there’s nothing wrong with getting married where everyone you love can celebrate with you, imagine photos of you two in places that make your heart beat a little faster, where the views or the personal significance steal your breath. The cool thing about this type of shoot?

It allows you to have a traditional wedding AND those breath-taking, completely unique and stunning photos. You don’t have to choose.

What do you think?? Are you someone who needs to grab your babe and explore somewhere completely unique and truly you–and get jaw-dropping photos along the way?

When’s your adventure session?